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Dream big, princess

Its crazy to think that just 7 short months ago, we had this crazy idea to open a brick and mortar shop. Everyone always asks, why? What gave you this idea? Truth be told, we didn't totally know that answer. We have known each other our entire lives. We grew up together on Hillside where everyday as children we would meet at the blueberry bush. I can honestly say, I'm more of the risk taker than Cadie is. I can think of something tomorrow and jump all in, it's Cadie that usually has to talk me off the ledge.

Let's go back to May 2017. Here we were, two stay at home moms sitting at home in our yoga pants, a baby in one hand (or in their carriers) and a coffee (a VERY large coffee) in the other hand. We were making headbands and sugar scrubs selling them online and constantly looking for new craft fairs to attend. We always joked, one day we are going to open up our own store. Little did we know that our chance at one day was just weeks ahead of us.

June 1st 2017- there we were, signing a lease and writing checks for a commercial space. We had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. We were truly clueless. It was a blank space, that needed TONS of TLC (I'm not even kidding, wait until you see the before pictures) In order to give it all the TLC it needed, it meant we needed money. There we were, setting budgets (FYI- there's no such thing as a budget when renovating a crap shack) Luckily we have extremely handy husbands who had our backs and supported our jump. We also had so many people willing to help, none of them will ever know just how grateful we are. To this day, Tara is our rock and supporter of all our crazy ideas.

July 23rd 2017- 12p: GRAND OPENING!!!! Holy shit!! Here we are, WE DID IT! What a crazy day, what an adrenaline rush. Before we opened the doors, we promised ourselves not to be upset if it wasn't all we hoped it would be, I mean, it was only day one after all. 4pm: no, but really, HOLY SHIT! This day was all we had hoped for and so, SO much more. Family, friends, strangers-they were all there.

Our idea, our vision, our dream, it finally came to life. We don't know how, but we did. We FREAKING DID IT!

The months since have been a learning game, we have met and become friends with some of the most talented people. We've had highs, we've had lows, but most importantly, we've learned and we've grown.

November 2017- We signed a lease for another commercial space. AHHHH what the hell are we doing? Is this really happening? Yup, its happening!

So, to answer some of your questions...


Because we had a dream. We jumped and for the first time, Cadie didn't have to talk me off the ledge, we jumped together. But more than that, because we believed we could do it, with a lot of hard work and dedication, we did it!

What's next?

We hope to keep growing. We have come so far in the little time that we have been in business and there can only be more, right? I mean come on, we started out making and selling $8 headbands and we now, less than 6 months later, have TWO storefronts!

What would you like to see happen this year?

To have more employees, or to be able to give our current employees more hours. This would allow us to have weekly meetings, to go to business conferences where we can learn and grow, to drink endless amounts of coffee (and wine), and of course, to go on a relaxing adults vacation when we want to, and on our dime instead of our husbands. Ok, but for real, we just want to be boss ass bitches (sorry guys, this was all Cadie)

What's most important to you?

For us to remain friends no matter what! We don't remember our lives without each other. Hillside will always be our greatest memory. We don't always agree, we don't always meet in the middle, we don't always hold hands and jump, but we will always have each others backs as there is no one else we would rather endure the craziness with. WOW! we sound like a married couple.

With all of that said, we hope you follow us on our journey. If you haven't been in the store yet, come visit and experience our dream. This is only the beginning for us, it will only get better! Dream big, princess.



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