It seems as if just yesterday, we were two little girls growing up neighbors on Hillside Avenue. Everyday we would get home from school and each stand in our own yard eating blueberries from the blueberry bush that stood between us. Now, here we are, 20+ years later, still friends raising families of our own. While we are no longer neighbors, we are lucky to only live within a few minutes of each other. We are both blessed to be able to stay home and raise our little girls, which is what led us here.


It all started with headbands & sugar scrubs. At first it was a fun hobby and something to do from home. Then, one day we decided, let's make this into something of our own, let's start a small business. Within a few weeks, we were bursting at the seams with ideas including our name, Featherly Ever After. We joked that one day we were going to open a storefront and fill it with all locally made things.  Well here we are, 2+ years into our journey, and our dreams have become reality. Our storefront is open and better than anything we could have ever imagined!
Stephani + Cadie

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